"Are you a man or a Slave?"

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A Rapture reminder

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Anonymous asked: That moment when you realize Fontaine probably really wanted to hit on Elizabeth hardcore, and then just hit her instead. Ruining lives, while stayin classy. That's the Fontaine way.


sounds about right to me

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Anonymous asked: Please stop reposting art/edits from other artists. They have worked hard for those notes. You could at least give them credit for the things they've created.

My dear Anon, I indeed know you mean no harm, you said please and asked in a polite way. But, you are not the only one who has sent me this. And unfortunately I have read far worse then your own message. To the writer of THIS anon - this has been one of the few polite messages I have gotten, your politeness has not gone overlooked. So my dear Anon, do not take my harsh words personally and for yourself, they are meant for the other unkind and rude anonymous messages I have revived.

When you post something on the internet, it becomes public domain. If someone gets their nickers in a wad so be it. You talk big because you have the cloak Anon - If you were “really” concerned you wouldn’t hide behind an anonymity. I made this blog for my personal enjoyment, people have liked it so they follow. I don’t care about impressing people to gain follows, I don’t walk on egg shells to cater to the pride and recognition of the creator. I have never laid clam to artwork that wasn’t mine. I myself have posted my own personal artwork and have understood that once it’s on the internet, it is no longer in my control of where it ends up, credit or no credit. The place I get my pictures do not source it… It’s the internet, get over yourself. If you don’t like it, then oh well.

So, in my conclusion to all of the rude anonymous writers - indeed, go fuck yourself boy’o.

A Rapture reminder!